Omega Laboratories Hair Collector Training

In Canada, hair follicle testing is most commonly performed for court-ordered purposes and when a private individual requires testing for long-term substance detection. SureHire’s Hair Specimen Collector Training Course provides learners with the knowledge necessary for performing hair specimen collection, including instructions for preparing supplies and navigating testing obstacles.

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Skills you will learn?
  • Certification as a SureHire Non-DOT Hair Collector
  • Explain advantages and disadvantages of hair follicle drug laboratory testing
  • Conduct the nine stepp Omega hair follicle drug laboratory testing
  • Prepare the testing site and participant for hair collection
  • Document the information correctly on the Omega Custody and Control form and SureHire drug test form

Curriculum for this course
9 Lessons 00:33 Minutes
Introduction to Hair Collection
3 Lessons 00:08 Minutes
  • Introduction to Hair Collection 00:08:00
  • Omega Laboratories, cutoff levels, 5 panel + extended opiates
  • Omega Laboratories, cutoff levels, 13 panel
  • Site and Participant Preparation 00:10:00
  • SureHire Schedule of Acceptable Identification
  • Hair Specimen Collection Procedure 00:15:00
  • Hair Collection Waybill Procedure (PLEASE READ)
  • Hair Collection Reference Chart
  • Hair Collection Final Exam

Course Objectives

  1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of hair follicle drug laboratory testing.

  2. Conduct the 9 step Omega Laboratories hair follicle collection procedure

  3. Prepare the testing site and participant for hair specimen collection 

  4. Document the collection information correctly on the Omega Laboratories custody and control form and SureHire drug test form

Take note:

  • This course was developed in accordance with Omega Laboratories testing standards and acceptable protocols. 

  • All course resources and learning materials will be available through SureHire’s online Learning Management System

  • This is a graded course; assessment includes post-course work to be completed online including a final examination

  • This course is approximately 30 minutes in length, with additional time for the exam. 
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00:44 Minutes
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Skill Level: Beginner
Delivery Method: Online
Language: English
  • 00:33 Minutes On demand videos
  • 9 Lessons
  • Access on mobile and tv
Last updated: Apr 29 2024